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This tile is from Spreequilt # 10 - Abstract Soft Brush and Smudge With Mini Cheat

Comment: The Ice green thing
Checked out at: May 04, 2003
Checked in at: May 04, 2003
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i just realized...
iCE is in there! freakin awesome tile! money for u!
Re: i just realized...
thanks for noticing and for the gooooood money, cash will always be well recived

:D thanks a buch i am glad u liked the tile :D
Re: Re: i just realized...
I think that it is pretty cool that you got an Ice logo coin for your Ice logo tile.
Amazing work
You have well earned your 5+ and (another iCE) coin!
Re: Amazing work
thanks so much for all the nice comments I am happy heck! i need some cheer up lately so thanks a buch fellas both for the money and the good commets as well.

P.S. and the second coin is an ice coin too, freeekkky eh? Root.
he he
my tiles on this quilt also had the word ice in them...
no one spotted it i guess hahaha