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Comment: here goes nothing...:)(poor big wise bird, i hope now it can stay and asnwer all your questions about the meannig of life)
Checked out at: December 03, 2002
Checked in at: December 03, 2002
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AYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
So what was the problem in the end?
Gamma? Crappy monitor? Do tell...
Re: So what was the problem in the end?
You see for some reason the center of the tile was in another contrast level, dunno why, so i pasted only the center of my old tile on the re-sended border that root set to me, and then i was able to see the contrast change so i alteted the settings in the center (i mean by the center the seccion of a checked out tile in wich we can draw) and magic, the thing was solved.

(for me is a msitery why in the first place the contrast was dis-balaced the first time, i think my cpu has a H.A.L. (u know from the 2001 odisei to space) complex and it is starting to make desicions on her own :) =)
Re: Re: So what was the problem in the end?
bw thanks for the tasty money Caitlin so much apresiated:)
... for succeeding the gamma problem (it's a great tile anyway)5+++++++++++++
By the way - may i call you "Luis Maestro de gamma, el héroe over Settings, Emperador de la paleta de color"? ;-)
Re: congratulations...
thanks my lady, queen of the good hearthed comments :D :)
Mystety user
welcome home soldier
you have fought bravely, o valiant one. the evil gamma has been vanquished to the nether world (either that or to the newbie quilt ;)
Re: welcome home soldier
lol lol lol lol I really laughed out freaking loud ;) :D thanks for all the comments and great jokes greg, bw ireenquench nice spanish all of you made my day a very happy day:) :D

(i am still laughing while i write this bw LOL)