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it scares me that voters prefer the top two to the bottom one...
but eh, life is fickle, and so, apparently, is photoshop with it's jpegs and pngs. :>
I fixed the problem i was having with brightness (jpg vs png) .. and the newest works on mainquilters, etc, should be coming out great ^_^

this is more like it...
Re: yay
Hurray for you! I cant wait to see more of your tiles! =D!!

I'm going places now :D
I love the photomanipulation quilt!!


It's -ALMOST- better than the Labyrinth. ;)
i was thinking...
maybe we should do a spree on the knots quilt? waddaya think, it's your quilt I mean...
Re: i was thinking...
Samuelf already mentioned the idea, and I agreed with it wholeheartedly.
As I told him on IRC then, however, I'd prefer if you waited a week while I finish up my final projects, papers, and exams. :>
private quilt idea
Hi Whirlwind...

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.... I'd live to do a quilt with just the two of us - we could call it the Kate quilt ;)

With what you're proposing, probably a disorganised collaboration would be better. Meanwhile, how would you feel about doing some tiles on Babel? It's practically half me at the moment anyway and it's got a clear division between land and sky and everything... I really want to see that quilt finished off.