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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

Comment: Saruman the White
Checked out at: October 14, 2001
Checked in at: October 14, 2001
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Great tile too!!!! I just complaint a little bit about the eyes.. but... oh... kick ass tile! :)
Re: *speechless*
Wow... thanks! I found a place on Tripod to host the larger image, so if you don't mind pop-up banners, head over to http://rushfordma.tripod.com/art/saruman.html

And again... thanks :)
Re: Re: *speechless*
hmm... I think I might have accidently pressed the delete button somewhere here but I didn't see anything disappear... It's a great tile... I gave it a 5, but to complain about something - I think you should have faded his hair into the "blueish" hair...
Re: Re: Re: *speechless*
I don't understand the delete button comment... but I tried to fade his hair into the bluish hair. I guess after staring at it for so long, it looked to me like it did fade. :) But thanks for comments!