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I can't believe you make all those great tiles with a mouse. I can't wait to see what you make once you get a wacom tablet.
Re: wow
All Tiles from the Maya quilt are drawn with a wacom (I finaly got one :) )
nice tiles
you're kicking some serious butt! ;o)
Re: Re: wow
I like your style. Good to have you on the team! I need to get me one of them Wacoms too...
THANKS for the coin, although you shouldn't have.
That was really nice of you.

You continue to be my favorite tiler. I love your drawing style.
i dont want to be my second favourite tiler!
Re: hey
You're not, you're your #1 favorite tiler :) Stop voting 5's on your own tiles and you won't be your fav, it's all based on what artists get the most 5's from you.

Re: hey
Or go through the older quilts and find some new artists to votes 5's on.

BTW, love your stuff.
Re: Re: hey
thanks. i dont vote on my own tiles anymore.
btw. wouldnd it be better if the "favorite artist" depends on the highest average score someone receives from a person and not the most 5s?
what i was saying to you about
how you work collab here,
some* people yet told you before me
for exemple raganaga and root88 gave you some advices
very similar that i had done.
(i am also sad that those* didn't help me
that you could understand advices or messages
aren't always attacks,they just think silently
what i express SIGH...)

the problem is that you don't support any critics ,
you proud and stuborn and imediately defensive.

so attacking me and my work with a very rude maner
because the advices i was giving to you
was told a different way then other people did,
was really dumb.
(no way to say u misunderstood
you are blind and stuborn and
the way i said things was clear .
also u was yet enlighten by others about what i
could had say)

now i can't stand you and you defenitly lost
an occasion to make a friend
(you will have no other chances,
you had been too offensive for no reasons).

i could understand if i was very unfair with you
or i had power as admin and i was pissing you,
that you react bad; but i never did that.

i know it's not the first time you encounter this problem
for being stuborn
Re: there...
look jito, my problem isnt about your critiques (as i already said: i took them into consideration & am thankful for them), its about the way you tell them. your choice of words mostly has a rude & unfriendly taste. thats the reason for one can easily misunderstand them and you shouldnt be surprised when you get an unpolite reply.

im not interested in fighing with you, i love your art, its just the way you express your opinion that piss me off.

Re: Re: there...
you are fragile like a card castle,
ok then ...
little baby.
Re: Re: Re: there...
go on jito!
Re: Re: Re: Re: there...
maybe jito doesnt, but i personally love your website. :p
[email protected]
Re: Re: Re: there...
jito, everyone's art here is great. yet you use words to hurt. why not let your work speak for your talents without seeking to wound or shame others? You too are fragile like a card castle otherwise you wouldn't know the feeling and you wouldnt have the sensitivity to draw so well. Let others find their way without needing to hurt them alone the way. Just some unsolicited but loving advice.