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hmm lets see, im in high school, love the drums and music, and i like to play sports and hang out with friends.... original huh?

anyway, im just getting into the whole tile thing and i like it a lot.. i think its a really cool form of expression, and im really impressed with the more-skilled-only quilts... so i hope to be one of those people someday...

jaco is my hero...

may the schwartz be with you

/EOF :)
Favorite Quilts:

A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Untitled [Invite]

Breed & Raster's Playground [Breed/Raster Only]

Pixel Kebab

The Incredible Machine (Invite Only)

Mass Visualizations (Invite Only)

i have to say the invites are the best... while i love to tile, i love to see the really skilled artists' works even more!
Thanks for the coin! You're awesome ;-)