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This tile is from Dali Does Escher Does Dali

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By: TeXeL
Checked out at: October 01, 2003
Checked in at: October 01, 2003
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Just extraordinary!
Did you use a filter for this tile?
Who's the bloke in the middle? Dare I say It's Einstein?
Great borders you're giving out. Im thoroughly impressed!
Re: Magnificent
i believe it's Dali in the sphere... the gray hair may have confused you.

great tile Javier ;oD
Re: Magnificent
No filters... and he looks like einstein... and a bit like dali... the problem is the resolution... bigger it looks like dali, in that res, it looks like einstein... anyway, both are coherent for the tile... as einstein, the distortion of time and space... as dali, the same :)
Re: Re: Magnificent
Can you post a bigger version?
great work
an excellent first visible tile for this quilt.
i would like to give you more than a 5 but they won't let me. i love the way the hand recedes in the sphere.

top quality.
Thank you all...
... for your coins and love. I'm now at Madrid, Spain's capital, so I'm going to visit some museums where dali stuff is available. I'm going to take some photos of that to show you, to try to inspire you all :) see you in some days!
you guys rule