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This tile is from TeXeL & RaZ

Comment: Grog
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: October 22, 2003
Checked in at: October 22, 2003
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I love
the water on this tile! It's so shimmery and beautiful!
Re: I love
Thanks ezo for you comment and coin :) If I tell you the truth, I done it that way because it is for me terrible hard to do realistic water, ocean water. This one is... not real at all. Well, it looks a bit like pool water, but, the common blue color of water is due the reflections of a blue sky, so, in this case, since the sky is orange, it is not coherent. And about the orange things on the water, it looks ok I don't know why, it is a bit inspired in caustics on a pool also, but caustics are on the pool borders, not in the water, so these could be seen only in some angles, not in the angle this water is... So, well, I have no idea of why this looks like water. It cool looks also like jelly for me. but even in jelly, that orange caustics or reflections are weird... oh, what a terrible weird post is this!