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This tile is from Mainquilters 23: What Evuh!... We Do What We Want!

Comment: I'm not crazy
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: July 10, 2003
Checked in at: July 11, 2003
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a 3 in this tile?
Why? I can't understand, could you explain? Thanks
Re: a 3 in this tile?
you crying?
Re: Re: a 3 in this tile?
yes, I always cry, you know xD Thanks jito for your money! In any case, now I understand those 3s... Even if the title is "I'm not crazy", I really I am crazy, and I really love to paint giant toothbrushes in the middle of a highway... for me is a very big pleasure, and I think that that pleasure is only understable by crazy people maybe... ;-)
Re: Re: Re: a 3 in this tile?
i totally understand you! 5 from me