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This tile is from Mainquilters 23: What Evuh!... We Do What We Want!

Comment: Walls are always listening to you while you play darts near the stairs to daisy-noway
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: July 01, 2003
Checked in at: July 02, 2003
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Thanks to who voted this a 4, yeah, this is not a great tile... I know, this is going to be the worst tile in the mq I think, so a 4 is a very big score to this tile... thanks again. I'm sure who voted 4 could done it much better... yeah... thanks thanks thanks
Re: Thanks
great job Javier! 5+ from me ;O))
every tile is a little artwork
after a 2 years + tiling on ice
my only point is to be satisfied myself
and feel that i made a good work.
if someone vote below 5 ,i will not be
i know everybody see diferently the things ,art
or whatever.
you can't expect that everybody loves what you do.
for exemple if elvis presley was doing tile here
i will give him-5 or 0 because i can't stand him.
but if his art is very ood i will give him -5 +2 , until
he convi
i change my mind about him (never)
I have to tell you all a big "Sorry!" for my first post to this tile. It was yesterday when I came home drunk (friday-night party) and I seen a 0 vote to one of my tiles and rated 4 this one... I know that being drunk is not enough reason to write something that way, this is why I have to tell you sorry. Thanks to all who doesn't take it as a bad thing, thanks, and to who answered my post in a very good way.
In any case, I would like to know comments (critics) about what is not good enough in this tile, to try to do better in my next ones.
I perfectly know that art can be understood in very different ways, this is why I'm going to write here why I think this tile is good, but only in the objetively valuable things:

- The blending is very correct, not easy to see where is the end of my tile and the start of the down-to-my-tile one.
- It is a good enough neighbour since not being the first done in the mq (I think it is the number 6 or 7), it has been the first to be shown.
- The detail level is high, not blurred, very sharp.
- It is pure, no copy.
- The perspective sensation is good enough

I suppose that the most of the people is going to agree with this things. So, please, in the subjetive part, could you tell me what is wrong or less good?

nice surealist (by itself)
All I Can Say Is...
Beautiful tile, in my opinion. Very Dali-esque.
Thanks Freeek...
... for your money... my first one coin! thanks!
Re: Thanks Freeek...
you're welcome :)
as other people have said, this reminds me of dali, and lets just say the dali tribute quilt is one of my favorites