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you have a good style going on here =)
Re: hi
Thanks dude ;) I try to make it better.
thanks for the coin!
thank you for your nice words! I must say that i realy like your tiles.´You are realy talented. Just keep up the good work, and hey, look at my early tiles. it aint pretty. :) it's all about practice..
see ya!
Re: heya!
Thanks you for the cheers :D

Do you use some kind of wacom/graphic tablet?

I draw with mouse... is quite difficult, like somebody wrote, is like "writing with boxing gloves".

Anyway i will do my besy, no more hurry on my tiles.
Re: Re: heya!
hey there! Yes i use a cheap small tablet. It works perfectly for me.. think it costed about 60$ .. and it's working great for me... i used to draw with mouse also.. http://tiles.ice.org/tile_info.php?quilt_id=91&tile_id=14379 was my first tile with tablet.. and now i have no idea how the hell i could draw at all, my 100 hundred something tiles that i've done with mouse before that one..
oh well. time flies.. and counting thoose tiles made me realise. hmm i just might be addictive to this.. heheh..

see you around!