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This tile is from Post Nuclear Wastelands

Comment: Good Morning
Checked out at: December 11, 2003
Checked in at: December 11, 2003
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hmm .. one gave me a coin(thx very much :), 6 people votet 5, but one person also only votet a 3 ... so i would be appreciated of hearing some comments about why you think this is only a 3 to you!
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5 from me... nice painterly quality :o)
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I was a bit surprised by how different in subject this one was -- but then again, I was surprised by raganaga's and dimeboys' subjects, too. A quilt filled with tiles just like razghul's starter would be boring, that's why there are different artists on a quilt. Besides, since this is on a higher vertical plane, you couldn't put as much complex stuff in your tile anyway. I think the details you did include work well, you gave your right neighbor a good starting point with the power line, and the compositon is good.
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I gave a 5 too
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5 from me too. this is a very very good tile!
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i also voted 5, actually, its a 5+++,
- excellent composition
- good light and color
- nice textures and atmosphere
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5 and a coin from me. so far my favorite tile on this quilt.