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Dang Elmo, you should've been here when the giger quilt was out. :-)
Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the comments! I know a few tiles are a bit bland... mainly because I generally have no ideas of what to put in a tile... and when I do, it's hard to get the idea in my head to work with the rest. :\

I keep trying though, eventually it works out... practice makes better I guess.
Way 2 go Elmo!
Hey guy, thanks for the gold! I can see by your work that you have no problems pushing pixels and I can also see that your treasury is beginning to build!
I'm both flattered and honored to be noticed by you. Thanks again El Molester!!:)
hello man
i did it with ps 7 :D bw are u the the same elmo-lester form deviant-art ?