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Comment: fancy living
By: greg
Checked out at: November 15, 2001
Checked in at: November 15, 2001
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One little thing: Most people draw their tiles a little too fuzzy, but you seem to draw yours a little too sharp. (for my tastes anyway) If you're using the sharpen tool, which I'm almost sure you are, I suggest cutting back on it a tad. :)
Re: Hmm
I have a question about that actually: When I save my tile as a png it seems fuzzier or more blurred than the psp file, any clues as to why this is? Also, what's the difference between saving as "interlaced" and saving as "none"? Does this have something to do with it?
Re: Re: Hmm
Hmm, you should really just always stay in PNG format and not ever go to PSP. The file conversion probably has something to do with that. I usually just say "none"... I don't know anything about the options, but I think interlaced has something to do with compression and may result in lower image quality. But I'm not completely sure... maybe someone else knows? *poke poke*

I've also never used Paint Shop Pro. If you can, get ahold of Photoshop.
My mistake, I meant to write PSD, not PSP (why must they all choose similar extensions?). The thing is, if you save as PNG you can't go back to it later after a break, right? It won't maintain the layers. So do you finish a tile in one sitting? Thanks for the reply.
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Re: Whoops...
saving to psd while yer working on it is ok...just remember to save it back to PNG when yer done. otherwise you send back 'draw here' tile.:
I've been doing it fine all along. Thanks Greg.
Re: Hmm
sharpen tool turn colors
to invert
most of the time
And great tile, by the way!
Very well blend, helps all the tiles around yours. Dont listen to Gecko, I think your style is great, and this is art, not science! Keep it up!

Re: Nice
noooo... art isn't using the sharpen tool! Trust me when I tell you this, your images will be much more pleasing to look at without the sharpen tool.. the sharpen tool is simply a crutch.
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Re: Re: Nice
I disagree. the sharpen tool sometimes can bring out some interesting shapes and textures. If by crutch you mean that it's simply a shortcut to achieve results that are possible with other tools, then who's to say you shouldn't use the airbrush over maybe the pencil; just keep adding lines of lighter gradating colors, side by side.
I can agree that maybe the edges of the leg in this tile are a bit too sharp, but I was going for a "rough" look kinda like in Yadoking's playing card tile, I'm not a photorealist or a traditional painter.
like CyberX said, this is art not science, though there are many methods to tiling. It's one thing to blend seamlessly and work collaboratively, another to ditch your own personal methods of expression. I use the sharpen tool in most of my works. I'm not sure you'd be able to point it out in all of them.
I try to remain subtle. sometimes I'm not. sometimes I'm just lazy. but I do take care of the edges and always try for a fluid blend and composition.
...alright take it easy and thanks to everyone for the comments.
Re: Re: Re: Nice
For what it's worth, I used to use the sharpen tool, and I really liked it too. I'll be surprised if in a year you still use it... :>
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice
I'll be surprised if I'm tiling in a year, but for now, I still think the sharpen t00l rulzz. *_*
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice
Well, hopefully you'll still be using Photoshop in general.
Re: Re: Re: Nice
airbrush is about the only tool I use... oh, and the colorpicker...

(yeah, I use other tools too, but 90% airbrush) ...

actually, the reason is that I'm too lazy to change tool... I just sit there with the pen in my hand and the index finger of my other hand on x, having one color in each end of the colorscale, switching back and worth, painting over and over...

I mostly use only brush size 1 too, it's to tiresome to change...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Nice
alt + L then f
then ctrl+w say no
then ctrl + q
see ya
scratch it