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Hey, ehh
Well, let's see... I'm a really only an amateur artist (took art classes through junior high and then had to drop them in high school and afterward because I was trying to "keep all my options open" by taking physics and whatnot. I wish I had kept up with it. Still, I manage to put in the occasional hour or so of doodling between essays and work. I really like this site! The quilting is a great idea! Hmm, that's about it. It's late and my head hurts. Have a good one.
One thousand votes. I feel like a champion. Gonna go eat my wheaties now.
Re: Woohooo!
You're still way behind me lad! =)
*laughs hysterically*
Re: Re: Woohooo!
I know, you're like a machine! I think you must live in the spaces between the circuits of the iCE server! :)
Re: Re: Re: Woohooo!
I am a digital being, created for one purpose. Tiling...

Actually, I think I did over 1000 votes while just having a regular 56k modem. Damn it took time those days =)
Err... Would you mind telling me what's a Yorp?
Re: Hey
I guess you've never played Commander Keen. Yorps are friendly little green aliens with one eye on a stalk. Check out this link to see one: LINKAROO. (You'll have to scroll down a bit.)
Franz is hirez and much cooler :)
Re: Re: Hey
Oh i've played kommander keen, but it was long long time ago(in a far away galaxy ;-) and i never found out the names of all the creatures. And yes i guess Franz was inspired by yorps and any othe similar creatures that i've ever seen. :-)
Thanks for the link, it was enlightning.
Horror/Weird Fiction Fans?
I'd like to suggest that anyone who enjoys horror or weird fiction make a short trip to Thomas Ligotti Online and download a free copy of his newest short story/novella, "My Work Is Not Yet Done". Thomas Ligotti is sometimes referred to as a modern master of horror, on a level with H.P. Lovecraft. Try a new author today, you've got nothing to lose, offers don't get any better than this! Okay, promotional ad finished :)
I like Ike
At least, I think your name means Ike Ivup. Or is it supposed to be some phonetic spelling of "I give up", or just random letters? I thought it was random letters until I saw your first tile was called "Ike's first tile"...
Thanks, I like you too, Chris!
Or should I call you BlackTerror? Yep, you guessed right. It's a little of both. I suppose I could have inserted an underscore_ but I didn't think of it at the time. Funny thing is, the pseudonym really fits me better than my real name. My grades can attest to that :) So you can call me Ike or Ike Ivup or Stu, or even Reverend cause I just so happen to be ordained in the Universal Life Church. But really, I'll answer to anything :)
Re: Thanks, I like you too, Chris!
I don't really care what you call me. By the way, is Ike Ivup your real name or just your avatar's?
Re: Re: Thanks, I like you too, Chris!
LoL, I wish! No, unfortunatly it's just my avatar :(
ahh... you're almost there mate...
Re: voting...
heheh, I would be if I didn't have to keep reinstalling windows all the time. I just get back to school and on a broadband connection and I suddenly have a rash of system failures. Methinks it's nearly time to start hunting for a new system. Ah well, hopefully this latest fix will do the trick.