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i like your work nice use of ligth and composition, keep it up!
Re: Hello
I agree!

(spend some coins btw;)
I appreciate your comments.

I would be happy to donate some "coins" to iCE. I have been involved with iCE and the Scene, since back in the 286 CPU, 2400 modem BBS days. From being friends with many of the legacy and current members, to an ANSI artist for a short period of time, to a BBS distribution point and now avid promoter of the current site and concept! I am happy to support you guys!

Soon as I get another chunk of cash I will hit you up. Keep up the great work!


Re: Thx!
Hey, that's not what he meant, Cyber.. although donating to ice isn't a bad thing. Just go look at your favorite tiles and see below them, you can give a coin to your favorite tiles if you want. :)
nice work, cool tiles
while cruising through the quilts, and looking at some of the work by artists of certain tiles i really liked, i came to your page. i recognized the name from the current photomanip quilt, nice work there.

i like your other work as well, and it's really cool that occaisionally, when i'm looking at tiles by artists i enjoy, that i see my name among an artists favorite tilers.

eek!... then i noticed your average voting score of about 1... pretty scary ;o)