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Comment: Evolution of a cake and things you can't live without
By: Straxz
Checked out at: November 19, 2001
Checked in at: November 20, 2001
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Mystety user
great title
I've missed yer tiles, straxz, where you been?
anyway, I hope I did a good job on the tile below this, I was kind of hasty again, but I really liked some of the colors I came up with. I also had to use paths to match yer curves and connect over to ikeviup's ribbons. this is ver smoooth as usual. great job
Re: great title
I've been around :) I mostly work on weekends theese days so it's only 2 tiles a week for me :\
This tile is sort of a biproduct of the tile I did before, on that one I learned a lot. I hope you have done a great job on that orange creature :)
I hope I can try the style you other guys are using on the pixel soup quilt.
Looking forward to look on your "new" style you've been showing.