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This tile is from Warm Fuzzy Mainquilters [Themed]

Comment: A crawfish revenge
By: Straxz
Checked out at: November 17, 2001
Checked in at: November 18, 2001
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Cool tile,
That's what happens when you forget to put the lid back on the pot. :) Just one question: what's the brown mark near the ceiling?
Re: Cool tile,
:) The brown marks is small round bunkers; it's a desert golfcourse.
Re: Re: Cool tile,
Ahhh, now I get it. Good job.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Re: Cool tile,
wait, I think ikievup meant the brown mark under the desert floor. I think it's some sort of shelf bracket? the bunkers are up on top near Primal's robot.
I guess there's a flag in there too?
wow, what a rhythmic stanza. ABAB
Re: Re: Re: Re: Cool tile,
Yes that's correct :) it's a brown shelf bracket and a golfflag besides some bunkers. Also a car and a broken haydoll and some more stuff... you can live without ;)