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Comment: Comic tile with a great blend
Checked out at: September 24, 2001
Checked in at: September 24, 2001
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Cute tile Jakub...
I think that this tile is a cute tile that will add to the madness of of the tile (mine), that is about to land just below it! How could I ever have mistaken the woman's wrist, for her ankle? If you hadn't have put the "Sudra Comics" label on it, I would have gone in a completely opposite direction! I guess that you'll just have to wait and see... Nice job... Eddie M.
Text = Bad.
Enough with the signatures, titles, comments in the pictures already.

the text
really really really really really sucks. The tile is worth a 4 or a 5, but that text makes me vote 2. I mean. In effect, your taking credit for a huge part of the quilt. What is I typed "by Primal" on a tile, and that was the only tile with text on? Well - people seeing only the big picture would think I did it all.
Re: the text
That would actually be a cool idea for an entire quilt. A tag-quilt, where the artists should do a tile and they would have to include their nick/signature. =)

But only on such a quilt, nowhere else.

Re: the text
Hmmm... yeah, actually I think the text in the bubble is alright, since it's a little more like a drawing. The labels around the outside aren't very good, though.
Jakub Sudra
but I thought that the text fitted there.
I won't do that again.
Re: Sorry
Don't be sorry.. Artists who create with traditional media sign their work.. Fonts or Text are fine with me..

You get a 5.

Re: Re: Sorry
jmaguire: not when the point of the artwork is to all blend together as one piece. An ideal tile should have a distinct style, but should still blend indistinguishably with it's neighbors, and text makes it blatantly stick out in most cases.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Re: Sorry
I think it fits in this case cuz that whole section is getting kinda "media" heavy. so it kinda works with the 'theme' of that area, you know?
well I like it
Re: Traditional?
Could a monitor screen, laden with pixels,lit by phosphorescence and almost intangible in it's vastness, ever be classified within the traditionality of artist's media? Wouldn't Salvador Dali have loved farting around in Photoshop!
I'll bet that Leonardo DaVinci could've morphed his own ass right there into La Giaconda the Mona Lisa, if he had been able to see his early transistor circuitry designs through. Perhaps I'm off base in this assumption but the bitmaps that we're busy composing here on the internet are of a new media, the greatest bridge of this day, for emerging artistic talent, since canvas. The complexity of assembling and reassembling a mathematically pure basis, as in the vector basis of matrixed art or image that can be rendered on a screen is infinitesimal.I would feel that an artist's ability to stand out on their own particular merit would speak of it's own competence and here, where a signature could easily be removed by any accomplished "Desktop Publisher", that it would not be so important to issue signed work. But you see, that's what I like about a point of view because a point of view has it's own signature!

Eddie M.