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Honey, I'm home!
Welcome to my page on the Ice network.

This here is where I keep my tiles.
Go ahead! Take a peek.

Samuel, I love you. I love you most because you are a "tell it like it is " kind of person. I love you because even when the world is against me, your words offer salvation. I love you because you are someone who calls the shots on what it is, or what it isn't and nuzzling butt be damned! We look to the statues on Iwo Jima and see them raising the flag, but when do we see a fellow tiler lifting the spirit (and the tile), of another? I didn't hope to get off on a jingoistic puff of American bravado but simply arrived home, drunk tonight and cannot contain myself.(hic.) After all, what is life that you cannot piss it away without a measure of regret! Thank you Samuel for holding me up when I became so smug in my ways. Thank you for the faith that you held, that made you believe that Eddie would make good. Thank your young ass, for keeping me aware of the fact that I really don't deserve the kindness that you and a few more have shown to me. See, now you've made me cry! Yo, Samuelf, Be Kewl... Eddie M.
Thanks to the terrorists we won't have to worry about cooling it in the ghetto's this Autumn... AND WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MATTER? And by the way, I simply LOVED that last tile of yours....
Yes, you KNOW me and Yes, IT'S me...... Ed m.(HIC)
Re: Sammie,
Hey! Sammy's mine! Stay away from him, hussy! ;)
P.S. Who's calling the ancient one young? ;)
pop'n by...
...to say hooray to you!
you jerk
Where have you been? I'm really starting to get sick of your absence. You need to come back. Tiles are good for you. You can't live without tiles.

Come back.