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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: son was oedipus
Checked out at: September 24, 2001
Checked in at: September 24, 2001
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Until this tile...
Until this tile, I never got such a full appreciation of the old adage,"What goes around, Comes around". And who ever said that there is no justice here? Otherwise, it's a really snappy tile Ken... Eddie M.
This tile is a sequel to another tile on the quilt that is not visible yet.
Thanks for the words, Ed.
Re: Thanks... Huh?
Hi There Kenneth!
The comment that I provided, was my pleasure but as always I'm glad to see that it gave you some comfort. May I try to add an element of mystery to my next comment, just to see if you're on your toes? O.K. here goes, "it went right over your head"... Did you get a feeling for that one? Also and on a more curious note, what is that zebra striped cloud mass over the alien's head? Didn't you have ANY reservations about it's contrast with the muted shades of the wall beyond? Weren't you afraid that it would clash with the simplicity of your presentation? If I didn't know any better, I'd surely believe that the cat lying on that windowsill above you, might've had some influence over this cloud mass. Why didn't you put a tail on the cloud mass and make some reference to the possibility that it was raining "Cats and Dogs" there on Mars? Now me,
well I would probably have considered either leaving that cat above,ALONE and devoting the space in which you placed the blob, to a more distinct depiction of an asteroid or other ambiguous heavenly body! You know, after studying those two tiles together here on the quilt, the best thing that you could've done would have been to run your wallcovering to the natural break below the windowsill and just leave it at that! Keep at it Kenneth, you're making some fabulous headway and as always, keep your eyes on the prize! Fondly, Eddie M.
Re: Re: Thanks... Huh?
That zebra blob as you call it, is actually a common time piece on planet 'w'. I thought since that I had such a plain border to work with I thought that bringing down some shape and colour from the not connecting pixels would possibly give it more continuity.
Otherwise, no, nothing to far over my head.
Do you have a moustache?, you sound like someone with a moustache.
Did you know that typing things ALL IN CAPITALS is just as though you are yelling at someone?
Cus I wouldn't suspect you to be so snarky with me. With leaving the "leaving that cat, ALONE" bit. I didn't know it was a cat all I saw was some meaningless blobs of colour against an ugly brown that I had to make sense of. I apologize for not providing an "adequate" blend to your tile.
(psst, look at the tile to the right, what is that?)
Go see...
Go and see the fine lingerie that Greg has put on Mom and catch the last few comments on his tile. By the way, you haven't been keeping up your quota and I wait for more from your hand! Get well soon... Eddie
great comic style!