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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: sometimes there are pixels at the border and you just have to deal with it.
Checked out at: September 27, 2001
Checked in at: September 27, 2001
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My Hero!
It was both noble and valorous for you to help me to lose that sharp black line
at the right side of my incoming border, thank you! Let me offer you a little tip, in exchange for your thoughtfulness: Whenever possible and when there seems to be a familiarity with another tile edge that I've seen, I like to center the quilt (and those visible tiles), on my monitor and do a screen capture (PrtScrn-SysRq, directly above the insert key). When I open my editing program, I opt for "New from clipboard" and keep this capture to enable me to see if I can work my own tile into the flow of the given border(s). This is in no way cheating but often affords me the chance to see as much of that "Big picture" as can be seen. In the case of this tile, you were the author of at least two of the four tiles which adjoin the central tile, the cat lying on the window sill. Whereas the sharp vertical lines were appropriate on your tile, I feel that the fold of the curtain, that puckering sweep at the upper left side of your tile, just didn't belong to be there in your tile. I'd like to see you try your hand at enhancing your neighbors tiles by allowing them to stand as they are, unless in a situation like that black line at my curtain edge, you must work with a poor border. You are doing alot of tiling and I wouldn't want you to become more interested in quantity than in quality because that was one of my first big mistakes. I am haunted nightly, by a slew of crappy tiles that there seems to be nowhere to hide from, a standing record of my own hurried and poorly executed work. Be smart Ken, go for the quality because it will make for a better tiler in the longrun! Thanks again for the courtesy in helping to hide my bad blend line, I owe you one... Eddie M.
Re: My Hero!
Thanks, you see I really wanted to do this one, whenever I see a three sider I try to grab it.
Now this one was bad I mean, not to hurt my neighbors, but the bottom had nothing but a spackled brown and both sides had hard lines at the border.
I thought I did pretty good, and just look what I left for someone to blend with up top, I think I deserve a higher score. I think it may look better when all the eight surrounding tiles appear.
I wish I got the tile at the top.
I also was trying to make the tile not have a center, as to just make a blend between the two tiles. The circles, balls, etc, all had a brown line one pixel thick down the side thats why they are cut in half.
Now as for the tile below your cat, that was just to encorporate the sequal to the tile to the upperleft of it. Yes I do seem to have you surrounded.
Technically I think this tile is good, even tho it may not be aesthetic as the demographic desires.
But, if I see such an error again, I will have to try even more creativity.
Thanks again Ed.