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Comment: Lazybones
Checked out at: September 23, 2001
Checked in at: September 23, 2001
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Almost good.
Ed, What irony! Remember how good you felt about this tile, until you saw it posted? Could it be those tell-tale black lines at it's sides that have you feeling down? Yes that's it! It's those damned two lines that blew this tile out of the hall of fame! I really think that you should get down to Pearle Vision this week, like you've been meaning to do...
Re: Almost good.
Ed, Eddie, both of you. ;) I've sent back a tile from the knots quilt, because it had a very "hard" edge... Remove it, and just upload again. You'll see a border on it, that's my tile next to it. Mine was deleted because of a timeout when the server "Lime" broke down. I altered mine to blend into yours, but those straight lines at the edge must be deleted. =) There's also a dark pixel line on the one to the left of it, I tried to get your attention in the quilt thread, but I didn't get a response, so I'm tring here instead. Mail me at [email protected] or something, I'll be gone for the weekend, but I trust you'll know what to do.