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Comment: Is Ted Koppel Copyrighted yet?
Checked out at: September 26, 2001
Checked in at: September 26, 2001
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Oh you silly person.
Are yah just trying to cause trouble?
What, me worry?
Out of the five "Zero's" that this baby netted for me, you and I were the only ones willing to hop out of the closet and add a comment with our scoring. Every now and again I find the impulse to revert back to asshole behavior, too strong to withstand. I'd really just love to blame it on Jakub Sudra, of Sudra Comics (no.34) the logotyped tile above this nasty tile of my own because I think that there was a tone set and like a babe, I just fell into this artwork. To believe that I couldn't see what I was setting myself up for is nonsense because I sense that there are, and will always be, those who relish the opportunity to crawl up my butt in their own self righteousness, thus redeeming themselves before the masses. For as long as I've been tiling, I've been familiar with this class of judgement by my peers and will always take their comments in stride. Look at the quilt and see other areas where a renegade voter or two seemed to take delight in shooting down credible work by negating it. I like to give these monitor lizards something to sink their teeth into, once in awhile! As far as the assertion that I'm looking for trouble, as long as trouble is masquerading itself as fun, I guess that I'll always have a weakness or a penchant for it!
Equally shared are the tiles and the comments on this website and therefore, are just as equally enjoyed! Thanks Ken, for keeping me on my toes and I appreciate your candor. Eddie M.
Re: What, me worry?
Hmmm... well, I never vote a zero or a negative without leaving a comment, which is why I refrained from voting for several of your tiles, but I suppose I can go ahead and do it now since you just seem to want a comment. You know the reason, though, and I already know your response to it, so it's pointless, really.

1. top blending could've been much better, or at least I've seen you do much better.

2. the obvious. Me no like copy pasted characters or other things that someone else has already created... (this is where the bulk of the points disappeared.)

I can't think of any other reasons any one else would vote it down other than the fact that Eddie is Eddie. Oh well, I think you need some kind of parenthetical tone of voice indicators in your paragraphs, I can't tell when you're being sarcastic and when you're not. :P
Mystety user
thanks Eddie, I'm really feelin' this part of the board.
Re: Bl(ind)AD side of the board...
Hi Greg
Nice to see an artist with both eyes open... You're getting greater! Eddie M.