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This tile is from Mainquilters 25: Happy Belated 11th Birthday To iCE !

Comment: 4 sided nonsense
Checked out at: October 10, 2003
Checked in at: October 10, 2003
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half hearted effort
WTF all of your work is so better then this was done like this on purpose? Were you just tired You should ask for this back and do the kind of job you normally do on tiles.
Re: half hearted effort
uhm, actually i think it didnt turned out that bad... its a bit more abstract in comparison to what i usually do but i like it.
just a matter...
...of taste i guess. but i think it looks pretty good. 4 sider too. the character kinda reminds me of those from the beatle's cartoon "the yellow submarine". what's the D stand for though?
Re: just a matter...
dunno why i made a D, i thought it would look cool. :D
Re: half hearted effort
wow, you have been oh so much more critical lately! maybe you should throw some more work on to your tiles, and less time wondering why others didn't? of course i'm being rude, i've become annoyed :P
Re: Re: half hearted effort
Not critical just bewildered ! This guy has alot of talent and is obviously popular and even though I thought it not up to his usaul standard I still gave it a 3. Compared to some of crap I have caught over some tiles that I thought were not that bad I don't think I'm being critical in comparision. It's just that even if someone is considered accomplished at this should the expectation be relaxed? I like this guys work alot. I just hate to see someone who I aspire to be like slide by with a tile I think he knows is'nt up to his norm which is why he didn't get all pissy with me for pointing it out. At least I didn't give him a new nicname like mrrusher or some shit like that. It would seem that some people can be rude and degrading and it goes unnoticed I challenge this artist to do his best and get crap from you? Whatever!!
Re: Re: Re: half hearted effort
eh i don't wanna go on, but i have one question-

did you rate the tile just as a tile, or did you rate the tile compared to the artist? i doubt many would agree with me, but i wish we had it where the artist was not known until the quilt was finished :/

you didn't seem to be challenging the artist, you told him what he should do. really, don't take this as me trying to be horrible to you, but since you have been picked on (i guess you could say) so much, it seems that you shouldn't be giving tips when you couldn't listen to the polite people who were just trying to help.
Re: Re: Re: Re: half hearted effort
If poeple had been polite as you say this thread wouldn't exist. Some people were polite but others were telling me how my art should look. And having looked at thiers they were not much better off then me to begin with. I have yet to call anyone names or refer to thier work as a joke I have never gone out and spammed everyone with -5 or any of the crap I have seen done here. I grade the work on individaul tiles and the previous work of the artist I don't give a five on a tile that does'nt look like a five simply because the artist has ten other tiles that or 5s And yes I like the idea of not knowing who the artist is. Except for one thing when I submit one I want back how would you request it? Private channel e-mail what? If that wasn't too hard to accomplish I think it is a good idea.
Re: Re: Re: half hearted effort
it was done by purpose
just for your eyes.
I love it.
yes, I do.
Please don't take offense you know I like your work? I hope you know that I see some of your stuff and hope I can be like that but I know with me it's the attention thing I just get to impatient.
Re: Razghul
no problem. seen on that tile, it really seems to be a matter of taste.
the tile isnt one of my best anyway. it took me about 20 minutes so ive got no problem if you vote low. (neither i would give me a 5 for it)