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This tile is from Mainquilters 25: Happy Belated 11th Birthday To iCE !

Comment: Happy birthday! Let's all drink Jagermeister!
By: nickel
Checked out at: October 01, 2003
Checked in at: October 01, 2003
Checkout tile:


i hate it when an artist blatently ...
....asks for coins or high scores. don't you? XDD

i haven't a coin for this tile... but i do have a question. did you drink the Jagermeister, draw it, copy paste it, or all of the above?
i guess that's not against any rules [no rules on newbie or mainquilt], but dude, you got a decent edge from dimeboy there. your recent tiles were starting to look better to me... why did you go with a flat background and inserting of images? as opposed to trying to continue the scene that obviously exists just passed your right border.

ok, off my soapbox, i'll shut up now, everybody back to the party :o))
Re: i hate it when an artist blatently ...
Well the border to me looked like a dude standing there, so I just wanted to finish off his body. I suppose I could have done something more interesting, but oh well. As for the bottle, I drink the stuff every weekend! I painted it like so:

I got a file off the internet and I printed it. Then I used the file to trace a clean outline of the bottle onto my tile. After that, I used the printed picture as a visual reference to paint in the details. I don't consider tracing an outline to be cheating, but some people might, so oh well.

Oh, and BTW raga, no one but the mods can see the outlines of the checkin tile, so I don't think they know about the asking for coins haha :)
btw i'm not voting on this one
there's really no such thing as cheating on mq or newbies. unless specifically stated otherwise, you can use whatever means you like to achieve the effect your after.

i really think you'd have been better off though to continue a group of partyers from the edge you received.
as is, it looks kinda empty and clip arty.

"clip arty"? is that a word? anyway that's just my opinion... i'm full of it though, ask anyone ;o)
I prefer Goldslauger
But i'll still give a three for the tile cause this is a party,right?
good job.
EXCELLENT WORK! best i've ever seen! congrats on the coin (that i gave you) you deserved it! i like how it's a jager bottle and not some cheap booze like Stroh's beer. i love booz, and i love you! good job. oh and by the way...EXCELLENT WORK! best i've ever seen. i give you a coin, a 5, and a high 5!