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This tile is from Mainquilters 19: The Warm, Magnificent Light

Checked out at: January 07, 2003
Checked in at: January 07, 2003
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First time i vote on my one tile(5), cause ... 4 .. sometimes i really dont know, what some people expect they would give 5 points, especially for tiles have 4 borders to handle with.

I suppose its impossible to make a 5point-tile for some persons in some situations.

And well, im really interested in what i could paint better in this one.
first time i vote on my "OWN" tile - instead "one" ;)
Re: Edit
I think because on the right border, you changed the style too quickly, and though the blend is seamless, the sense of continuity is disrupted.
I admit...
I have also sometimes been annoyed about votes that were lower than I thought my tile was worth. And asked about it because my feelings were hurt, which is kinda stupid, but hey, it still happens when you feel personally connected with your artwork.
But I think you ask this too often, even when a tile is rated 4 or something, which is a good score! This frequent asking of yours has sort of an aggressive undertone which can annoy people, no offence, but it's beginning to annoy me. One can see by your tiles that you can draw very well, and your scores are high, too, so what's the matter with you?
Leave it to people if they want to comment or not. I agree, its very encouraging to get critique (positive or negative) on work. But it should be voluntary. This place is also about fun, remember?


by the way - I voted 5
[maybe people voted 4 because - what i assume is a pool beneath a waterfall -doesn't have the perfect realistic feel to it (reflections somehow "wrong"/not water-like enough]
I don't care about realism too much, so I voted 5 because of the tile being a good 4sider integration, nice style and good use of white.
Re: I admit...
Yep, well, i think thats it ... ... i just have to sleep about it one night and then, perhaps its not worth a five in my eyes too. ;)
Re: Re: I admit...
So do you really consider 4 a low vote? And you want everyone to comment everytime they vote below 5?

Just curious... :-)
Re: Re: I admit...
I think this piece is worth a 5, but you need to stop thinking about the scores. It's kinda annoying, and I personally have to push myself not to vote lower than I think the art objectively is worth. This because how you have a very unhumble approach to your own art and the score it recieve.

I know exactly how you feel, because I have felt so many times too, but think of it this way: how much can you really change it anyway? (okay. you managed to change someones 4 vote to a 5) so what difference does it make?

Uhm. Anyway... You should come to irc.ice.org #tiles and chat a bit!!! Ciao
Easy Tiger
The black thing...
Is it me, or does the black thing in the corner look a little, er, rude? O_O Ah, well, you know what they say about artists... ^_^
D, No matter, Its sweet adn you know it.
It blends, and is a nice addition to the flow of the rest of the tiles around it, 5 here. Whoever voted a 4 should atleast say why.

(though it should have had a Lense flair or a plastic wrap SOMEWHERE!!~~@)

Love it D
Re: D, No matter, Its sweet adn you know it.
Hehe :D .. nono, no filter except the sharp one. ;)

And yep, thats it, i have really no prob with a low vote, but with "non knowing why", especially, if i dont know myself how to improve it.
IMHO the most of your tile deserve 5 points. You came in tiles about a month ago but already one of the best here.
Re: 5!!
totally agree...

plus this was a four sider.... 5+ ;o)
Mystety user
there's not a thing wrong with this tile
I'll give a coin for this one. keep these good tiles comin' : )
I Like it.
Good 'un. The way the rocks(?) fade into the background, the color choices, etc., all great. You can always nitpick anything to death ... but this is art, yes?

This one in combo with greg's to the left are the best part of the quilt so far, IMNSHO.