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This tile is from Mainquilters 19: The Warm, Magnificent Light

Comment: shapes
By: greg
Checked out at: January 06, 2003
Checked in at: January 07, 2003
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I love your style
Very good use of the colors and border you had to work woit. I cant waite untill I see what is blended to your right border.
Well, its a bit too surreal for my taste.

And well, its most time really hard to handle those black parts.
I'm afraid the blending's kinda off, and I spy one of those forbidden "large black areas"! :p
Mystety user
Re: Yeah
ah yes. large for the tile, but small for the quilt, you see ;)
as for the blending, I'm aware- but from experience I've learned that certain bad blending becomes unnoticable with the filling in of the quilt. It's a risky maneuver, but if pulled off--it's AOK ;o)hehe
Mystety user
Re: .
well you did okay with the left side, so I'm sure you did fine with the top.
and I can get a bit on the surreal side, so I beg your pardon ;)
My 2.5 cents (inflation, y'see)
I like it. As mentioned above, the blending is a little funky, but not too bad (I've done worse!). As for the surrealistic, I like it. I've never seen anything like this; as I look at the quilts I only click on tiles that catch my eye (this one did). What the hell is it? No idea, but I find the turtle-head-ish brown shape in the upper right very pleasing, and the broken beanstalk or worm-eating-self/melted-candle green bit has some great shading.
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Re: My 2.5 cents (inflation, y'see)
thanks, rob. the way you describe what i did is pretty much what I was going for.