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This tile is from Dragons Everywhere! (A Fantasy Themed Quilt)

Comment: aftermath
Checked out at: May 17, 2002
Checked in at: May 17, 2002
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The blending is a little smudgy.. where is the blood?! Aftermath without blood.. ack :P They must've dropped their weapons and ran.. hehe.. this is pretty nice, like the textures on your rocks
Re: =x
i belive is kinda my fault too, see the explanation here:

link to my tile

i kinda give him crapy borders :? :¿ i personaly think is a good tile, (5) it must have been hard to combine so many weird edges
Re: =x
hey phi,
i'm wondering how you managed to get to this "voting page"??? your score [unless i'm mistaken... or unless you got invited to work on this quilt] should have exempted you from viewing this page and voting.

? just curious ?
for my part i have checked out this tile;
but i had to cancel it.
i couldn't find anything to do with those borders.

good job tony
thanks guys :o)
there is a lack of blood because the combatants were immortals. as they died there was a quickening [ala "the highlander"]... the victor absorbed everything leaving no trace of the vanquished.
Re: thanks guys :o)
magic wizard fights
don't leave blood sometimes ;)