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This tile is from Dragons Everywhere! (A Fantasy Themed Quilt)

Comment: "The silver dragon that lives in the two towers"
Checked out at: May 17, 2002
Checked in at: May 17, 2002
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Re uploaded and fixed
thanks gecky!
Mystety user
nice improvement!
now I can tell what's going on ;)
nice work :)
Mystety user
Re: nice improvement!
:/ still not sure what the blue box is about though :?
Re: Re: nice improvement!
The blue box is kinda a secuel of mi own mistakes, cause Tony created his tile based in my border when my tile was a little not vey good defined so he thougth that what i had drawed were a batlle scenario, so he tired to make a shield (the blue square) and since i did not thougth in a way to integrate the image well... there you see the result, i just make the aclaration; is my fault not Tony´s Ok,

i try to define my tiles better so it can be continued better. :? :¿