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This tile is from Dragons Everywhere! (A Fantasy Themed Quilt)

Comment: Smog Moon
Checked out at: May 15, 2002
Checked in at: May 16, 2002
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beutifull ! <-- (correct spelling)?
great work! I blended both to your upper and to your right .. hope you like my continuation.(!).
You continued my tower, thanks!!!!!
Guess what? you did the tile next to mine, i am very happy that you continued my tower, great work!!!!!

a completly and defintive (5)+5
:) )
I guess we will find a lot of moons in this quilt :) )

Nice tile!
Draw over your border next time.. slight dark line on both upper and right edges.
Re: Borders
I went over this with Zoomer and I don't see these slight dark lines. You know why? They aren't there.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Borders
I think the border in the area in the cloud in the lower right could be construed as a dark border. but that's easily maskable by whoever's on the right.
Re: Re: Borders
How can you say that. You don't even see the right border yet.
Re: Re: Borders
my 2 cents...

it's easy enough to check for dark edges, but sometimes zooming doesn't tell everything... so... i took Shane's checkin png tile, and blended to it no prob. i agree with greg... the bottom right cloud "area" [notice i didn't say "border" ;o] has a short darker one pixel line at the "edge", but that too was easy to blend.

so, not really any mistakes i can see.

maybe it's a difference in monitors or a jpg thingy.
Re: Re: Re: Borders
Sorry, I shouldn't be so touchy. It's not that I mind criticism, I just don't see that there is a problem. Like raganaga said, maybe it's a difference in monitors or something. I mean, maybe it is there but I can't see it on my monitor. It's possible.