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I'm a newbie to tiling.. haha.. None of my tiles are showing yet, but they aren't very good. Need to learn how to draw and shade better.. Hopefully you will all see an improvement soon! Give me feedback so I can improve.. thanks!
hey phi, ...
...i'm wondering how you managed to get to this "voting page" [http://tiles.ice.org/tile_info_surreal.php?tile_id=13272]??? your score [unless i'm mistaken... or unless you got invited to work on this quilt] should have exempted you from viewing this page and voting.

? just curious ?
Re: hey phi, ...
Low score only exempts you from voting. Newbies (like me and phi) can still view and post, just not vote or participate. At least... thats how its working now, wether thats how its SUPPOSED to be or not is a different story. Pretty nice setup actually.
Re: hey phi, ...
Yes.. angus knows what he is talking about :) Since I am unable to vote for tiles, when I feel strongly about it, I leave a comment.. which i feel is more valuable than a 5 vote.. or whatever I was going to vote.. heh heh :)
that's cool...
just curious ;o]

some quilts are "hidden" and can't even be viewed unless you're working on em.
i thought most invite quilts were that way. guess not huh? haha...

better that everyone get's to peek and comment on all tiles i say.