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This tile is from A Cubist Orgy

Comment: selfportrait
Checked out at: January 22, 2004
Checked in at: January 22, 2004
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for teh coin, carishon
Like it but...
I gave it a 3 as it's a self portrait centered on the tile... well done self portrait... but not really on theme for an orgy....so good tile, but a 3 for off topic.
Re: Like it but...
in fact its not really a selfportrait, i just had no idea for a better title. i think a 3 is unfair, i really like my tile and its far away from "off topic"
Re: Re: Like it but...
I'm sorry...didn't mean to offend...you can see from my favorite's list you are one of my faves...guess I just expected more activity in your tile (more cubist arms, legs, etc) as you are one of the best!! I love your cubist style though...so, I will change my score to a 4.
The tile represents cubism, so I don´t think that it´s off-topic.
Re: Off-topic?
I agree that it is not off-topic; it's exactly what I think of when I hear "cubism." As far as it being centered on the tile, I think that what ever the artist did it was bound to be fairly centered when you look at the borders of the tile he was given; he had green cubism shapes at the top, bottom and bottom right edge. The curved bands of the left border could only be taken so far into the tile. If I could vote on this tile I'd definately give it at least a four if not a perfect five.
i agree that this is an excellent example of cubism! very nice work :o)

as for the borders... this tile was returned to fix a black line after it was surrounded. when it was originally checked out it had only the left border.

i can't speak for renee... but i think by "off topic" she was referring to the "orgy" part of the quilt's theme. as i said, i agree that this is a great cubist piece, but i really don't see it as an orgy tile. it looks like a self portrait, as titled. raz must have thought so too when he chose a name for it, even if it isn't actually a self portrait.

as i stated at the beginning of the posts on the quilt page... what is intended by the title is lots of overlapping bodies. lots. so with that in mind i kinda see where she/renee is coming from.

i do not have a problem with this tile remaining on the quilt though, and i'm sorry if anyone found the quilt's title confusing, that would be my fault.

maybe i can change the title and make it plainer.
Re: Off-topic?
...and by off-topic i just meant the orgy part...sorry...cubism is great
This isn' realistic quilt. I think any human body parts in a tile will melt into other body parts, making an orgy. 5 stars from me.