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This tile is from Mainquilters 25: Happy Belated 11th Birthday To iCE !

Checked out at: October 10, 2003
Checked in at: October 10, 2003
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Great Work
And it's a big but(t).

As much as I love to see your work, Nik, and as much as a stand alone artist you're great, you have to step back a bit and try to not only blend content, but also style.
Your extensive use of low saturation colors with the unique (as far as I'm concerned) style of painting is at times too sharp a style change in quilts.
Don't get me wrong here, I too am guilty of this kind of 'style abduction', but I'd love to see you use a different style once in a while.

No offense was intended, if you by chance took any. And give me that offense back when you're done (oh, what silly puns) :P
Re: Great Work
The thing I have loved about doing mosaics is the deverse blend of styles that happen in a project. (newbie here but a veteran at deviant art) Not everyone does see things the same. I think the whole challenge in a quilt mosiac (whatever) is dealing with the styles you get confronted with by your bordering tiles. I love this guy's style. In case you haven't noticed it is individaul style that seperates people like Dali and Cezanne. I don't think your comments sounded offensive except for the fact that you are asking someone to change thier art because of a whim on your part. I think the tile in question is greta with no buts about it. Hell I thought it was worth a coin and a 5. Stay true to your own feelings about what you create.
Re: Re: Great Work
when you are invited on a themed quilt because of your talent
to paint with a precise style or "with the maner of"
u can come back and talk.

later mruser

ps: i couldn't paint like bob ross
i am still alive but banned for life from the quilt.(Ack! Due to technical problems, the site is down currently. We have no ETA on when it will go back online. - Mgmt.)
Re: Re: Great Work
hmm! sorry
the fat teen homo lover is sepultribe (nickel)
i am always confusing you and him
excuse me
Re: Re: Re: Great Work
jito, i like your work. I admire you very very much as an artist.
Sometimes I agree or disagree with your posts, sometimes I laugh.
But sometimes I think - and this is one of those times - that you should simply behave better, be more polite. There is no need for homophobic jokes and or any kind of insults. Sorry if thats too "politically correct" for you, but this kind of post is way beyond my taste.
Re: Re: Great Work
I agree that style changes are good in quilts. I also agree that razghul's style is unique and that he is very good at it.
However, I believe that as an artist, he should explore different paths. This site is the best place to do just that, since it's not how you draw that's the main thing, but how you blend. For me, blending has teached me a lot about different styles and techniques.
It might be their individual style that pushed Dali and Cezanne into the sportlight, but may I remind you that Picasso and Warhol were also great artists who changed media and style quite "often".
I am not "asking" nor telling nor ordering nor "advising" razghul to change his style, but rather giving him a friendly advice. What he may find along the way might strike his fancy.
One last thing - I havn't selected this tile because the blending was bad or the tile is defecient in any way. It just seemed like the right place to say what I had in mind.

I'd appreciate a reply from Nikolaus as well.
Re: Re: Re: Great Work
sorry for the late reply, sPaz.

im not really shure if i got what you mean.
of course it is my aim to develop & try different styles. (i think) ive lately been experimenting with different styles in my tiles. for example if i compare the "harlequin" with the "4 sided nonsense" tile... but perhabst thats not what you mean. im doing hard to judge my style & to compare it with others- perhabst it is also because ive got some standart of perfection in mind i want to reach, and that standart is different from any other persons standart because it is in a way myself, my mind & my point of view id like to put into my paintings/tiles.
but of course it is in my interest to make my tiles blend better into others (& to make it easier to blend for others ;) ). so please describe a bit more precise what you mean. more contrast? a clearer, less scribbly style?

anyway, i did not took your posts offensive in any way. please dont take my post as defensive as well, im just not shure what you mean. ;)
Re: Re: Great Work
thanks for the compliment & coin, mruser.