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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Checked out at: December 21, 2002
Checked in at: December 21, 2002
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Nice tile
I like this one.
come on...
This tile is almost worth a 6 compared to some of the other 3.5s and 4s on this quilt. The blending alone is worth a 5. So come on!
Mystety user
very good
it's done well and done quickly. it's hard to tell, though, that those are rays of lights in the tunnel.
Re: very good
yepp, I thought the same. They are too opaque and to massive to be mere streaks of light. One normally would only percieve them as streaks if the whole environment was dark, e.g.if one was in an old barn with everthing dark inside except for the streaks shining in from the outside. But nevertheless a good work
i dont like the
Yep, perhaps those rays of light are overdone in this scene like bullshaft said.

And, its not a tunnel, its a bridge.

And well, its not done as quickly as it seems, cause i checked the tile "again", after i started, shortly before my time elapsed. So i think it costs one or two hours more ... dont remember exact.
i dont like the -> i dont like the "must have" of a title

and well, i dont like the short amount of letters there too
Re: Edit:
what are you talking about??
Re: i dont like the
i agree with greg, the shafts of light in the tunnel are hard to see as rays of light ( and well, over here a covered 'bridge' is also called a 'tunnel' ;o)
i thought they were planks on the side of a shack at first. really a nice scene either way though 5+
I wish I was here...
Beautiful tile!! It reminds me of the chalk drawing that Marry Poppins and the kids jumped into! Amazing work... I think the lighting effects are great!! Of course, I'm still new at this so my "artistic eye" might not be 20/20 like everyone else, but WOW!! This quilt is gonna be awesome! The tile I just completed has the bottom of this one in it so I hope that my amateur attempt doesn't mess up your beautiful scene!! :-)