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This tile is from Mainquilters 27: Bendy Squirmy Stuff

By: jito
Checked out at: November 23, 2003
Checked in at: November 23, 2003
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the dog diner
i would love test more collaboration
with different people that's why i like to work
on mainquilters
btw mainquilters have turn to
a raganaga-razghul playgroud
well every quilt is like this actualy
they do 1/4 of the total tile amount.(15/60 or 30/60 )
calling it egoism because it's an ego take over and
it's very difficult
to not have them borders
to try new collab with other people.
Call it art fanatisme if you want.

because i hate waste my time*
and i am tired of this
i stop mainquilters and
those quilts where people make 15 tile / 60.
(of course doing 15 tiles in a quilt can happen
but when it's on all quilts...)

ps:comparing to a diner if you eat 1/4 of the total amount of
the food each time people gonna watch you in a certain way.
if it's a *dog diner then the stronger one win and eat everything he
nice tile btw
your analogy doesn't hold up... the doggy dinner... mq is like an endless buffet, "all you can eat for $8.99" so there is no shortage of dinner for anyone.
Re: nice tile btw
not endless
you made it 60 tiles
and it was 120
now 60 divide by 2 = 30 for the razgul-tony spectators
this was a "bye bye-tired of this"
that i was leaving elsewhere
wich are private quilts.
Re: Re: nice tile btw
making mq 60 instead of 120 was something that had been done before and worked just fine. when i did it on the last few quilts several people said they liked and preferred the smaller quilt size. but 60, 100, 120, 200, 400... whatever size we do, there will be another and another and another mq... and there really is no set theme on mq [just suggestion] so yes, availability of mq tiles are almost endless... and we start a new one before the old is quite finished... so we're never out of mq tiles.

i think calling the other tilers spectators is an insult to them... i think they are an inspiration, and they do a great job, and everyone is welcome to do as many tiles as they want on newbie or mq.

why can't everyone just have fun, and enjoy the site and each others company!? as you said there are private or invite quilts where limits can be imposed. or if your desire is purely to work with new strangers, then you can even use your ςhĄĐỜŵƒŭrỵ account, or another. or do private invite only quilts and invite a different group of newbies or mainquilters to each quilt you do. there are enough different types and ways to set quilts up to keep everyone happy.

Re: Re: Re: nice tile btw
well i try again :
if you make 15 tile (or 2 people make 15 =30 / 60)
i have more chance to get a border from you
then if you was doing 5.
if tiles was check out and uplaoded less fast
there will possibly more tiles made by other people,
and me.
this is the sens of spectator,
so if now u need a pretext to put people
on your side it's a different thing,
and you can search something different.
you wish it was one that you could put easely people on your side.
and btw i know you will do anything to not have them
on the oposite side .

anyway everything is so obvious i don't even know
why i have to explain that to you.

i don't even know why we still talking about this
because it's all solved ,for me
i am leaving .
Re: nice tile btw
and you true i made a mistake it's the fastest dog
who wins ^_^
Re: nice tile btw
about the tile quality.
i don't yet have a receipe to turn silver into gold.
coming soon!
Re: Re: nice tile btw
i don't understand what you mean by silver to gold in this case.
when i said nice tile i meant it.
Re: Re: Re: nice tile btw
silver =borders
Re: Re: Re: Re: nice tile btw
ok i see now
Re: the dog diner
"mi casa es su casa"
take all the tiles you want
to work with ;D

You said this to raganaga, which makes your blowup seem even stranger.
Using the borders as an excuse to create lame tiles is just bad form. I think sometimes you dump crap on quilts just cause you don't like the tilers or the tiles that are already there. Sort of artistic punishment. Another form of egotism. As for number of tiles completed I agree that this site is for fun and if someone has more time to fill then some one else and this is how they choose to fill I think that's ok. If you just don't like working with certain people then go, create your own quilts and be exclusive I'm almost sure no one will mind. And I think you should do what makes you happy.
Re: Borders
i like my tile.
the difference between you and me
is that you don't need "bad" borders
to create lame tile.

you are also concerned to make 15 tiles
on a 60 quilt.

and your arguments don't interest me
so i didn't read all your post.
Re: Re: Borders
hey jito...
... when a texel-jito quilt? I think we could do a good quilt, our styles are similar (yes, I copied your style, you are my inspiration :) )