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This tile is from Mainquilters 27: Bendy Squirmy Stuff

Comment: at my dentist
By: fidgit
Checked out at: November 14, 2003
Checked in at: November 14, 2003
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how anyone can give this tile less than a 5 is beyong me. It is one of my favorites on this quilt.
Considering that the tile's total score is 4.6667, and the regulars voted it 4.7, it might be that some feel a tile is less interesting if it doesn't strongly focus on a subject. I think it's a great surrealistic piece.
Re: Absolutely
i think its a great tile, but its not one of fidgits best ever, so i can understand someone voted a 4....
Re: Re: Absolutely
I voted four, and it is for this reason. It's a great tile, and I would have voted five had it been from pretty much anyone else.
der, huh?
i hope you mean that you are holding fidg up on a higher scale and you expect the ultimate from him. but, it reads as if you won't give a 5 because you don't like fidg.

either way is wrong [i think]... base your vote on the artwork and not the tiler, or any of their past accomplishments.
Re: der, huh?
haha. thanks all for your fours and fives. btw this tile is kinda autobiographic as i had several nerve extractions and toothroot resections in the past few days. ouch. dentists can be soo inspiring. and the fun is not yet over...
Re: 5
perhaps someone don't like the green color
and fidgit put green in all of his tiles

yes 5 great tile