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This tile is from Mainquilters 24: Warm Colors Please

Comment: electra has a bad hair day
Checked out at: September 21, 2003
Checked in at: September 21, 2003
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I know you did it only on accident, but look at your blending! Aiee! I'm gonna wait to vote to see if it can be sent back or what.
Re: oops
not sure what you mean. i only had one side to blend to, and it blends fine.

be more specific, please.
Re: Re: oops
Um.. the big red circle? It's cut off at the border. And the top right isn't completely continuous.
Re: Re: Re: oops
okay, i won't argue about the red.

which brings up a point about the raw tiles. when i get one, i go in and delete the center very carefully and make an outside frame out of it that cannot be changed. then i paint beneath that. i find that what looks fine when i send it in gets clipped when it goes on the quilt. i wonder if some of the black lines you see at the sides of quilts don't come from the same thing.

instead of the black center, i would rather like to see a center that has more contrast to the black and gray checkered borders. i think it would make it much easier to be accurate at the edges.
Re: Re: Re: Re: oops
and for the sake of accuracy, that particular thing with the red was on the tile i turned in. not blaming anyone else for it.
Re: Re: Re: Re: oops
Like I said, accidental. :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: oops
If you are using photoshop, read the tiling tutorial. You can have photoshop select the area for you automatically rather than choosing the edges yourself. We have even made an action that will do it all for you.
i think except from any blending issues (which are not that grave in my eyes) this is a very cool tile. buzzzz
Re: buzzzzz
any tile with a bare breast in it gets a +5 from me.
Re: Re: buzzzzz
nice titty yo.
i don't crank my gamma up either sookey and it looks fine to my eye. the red circle coming to the edge is cool too....

BUT... for the sake of those who have their settings cranked a bit higher than mine. [when i remember] i turn my monitor gamma up [just in the art program] and then try blending at the outset and just before checking the tile back in. it really helps with blending.... and when you use that setting and turn it up a notch or two you'll be amazed at what we've been missing. i still prefer my settings for viewing, but for blending it's a great idea to adjust the gamma and make certain. in this case there really is a hard line at the top half of your blend on the one edge you received. later gator ;oD

great tile btw, just holler if you decide to rework it
Re: blending
You don't have to alter your gamma settings at all. Instead of just trusting your vision, try sampling the colors at the border, and using those on the blend with the eyedrop tool. Then you know for absolute certain that the colors will match.
Re: Re: blending
i do that but still get errors some times...
checking by tweaking the gamma really opens my eyes. one really needs to "see" the difference to appreciate it.
Re: Re: Re: blending
since i've never touched the gamma, i have no idea how to do it. and i do sample the edges.

but i don't work in png/s. so maybe jpg adds to it.
Re: Re: Re: Re: blending
shouldn't matter about file type.

my fault... i'm a psp hold out. i use photo shop too, but i don't "know" photoshop.

in psp i use preferences/monitor gamma.... just searched through photoshop7 and what works the same there is; image/adjustments/brightness/contrast

sorry for the confusion. ;oD