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This tile is from Mainquilters 24: Warm Colors Please

Comment: im not too sure. so really.. ehm.. dont ask :D
By: hbkyle
Checked out at: September 28, 2003
Checked in at: September 28, 2003
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Great blend...
... 5 from me
Great blend...
... 5 from me
Re: Great blend...
very nice continuation. +5
Re: Re: Great blend...
thanks! somebody gave it a 0 though :/
I didn't give you a 0 but couldn't give you a great score either....I find the yellow line drawn across very distracting & making it seem apart from the rest of the quilt, in other words, not as seamless as it should be..the blend is ok however, I wish you would have done more to make the tile exciting and done more with the edges you were given...you just seemed to have cut off what was given and not really brought it into your tile.
Re: ....
thanks renee... i agree about the cutting off thing. i thought the bottom was like a winged demon, so i cut that off right there instead of trying to go off it and make it something of my own. the right, didn't have a clue. so when i was done with the rest, i just curled it around and brought that one all the way across because it annoys me to see people just finish off the edges and start something totally new. i thought the above was a mask (ha!) with long hair, so i brought it done thinking that. i thought adding something of my own would be a bit odd in this picture... though i can think of a few things now! lol

thanks for posting, i've been getting low scores on this and no messages, which is completely aggravating.