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tis i
i just recently started tiling. it's addictive.

i try to come up with something original that's in keeping with the theme, but i also care a lot about the seamlessness of the fit.

i love photoshop, but my first love is animation -- 3d and 2d. maya is my 3d tool of choice.

i appreciate feedback. feel free to criticize.
tiling. it's addictive...
yes, it sure is!
you have a good imagination and sense of humor i think.
your last few tiles are getting better, keep up the good work ;o)
go here
for some of my weirder stuff, go here:


you will notice that i'm a steve martin fan. a lot of that is for people on the steve martin message board where i'm also a regular. www.stevemartin.com.
how fascinating...
my overall score keeps going down.

like the wicked witch of the west, i'm melllllting
Re: Beautiful!

I like them all ;they are really good !