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This tile is from Mainquilters 19: The Warm, Magnificent Light

Comment: The Surreal Landscape
Checked out at: January 07, 2003
Checked in at: January 08, 2003
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Love the melons!!
I love what you did with my fish! nice color work adn patters on this tile. Glad to see the same theme still going strong! I also got teh tile next to this one, I know you wil love the blend!

Good tile!
nice job Chris, great style... i wondered how a Seurat quilt would look,
and if it was a good idea.
judging by this tile i think it would be agreat idea ;o)) 5+
Ooh, shiny
Thanks for the coin! Interesting comparison to Serat -- I never had him in mind. If anything, I was thinking of the Van Gogh/Picasso quilt.
i dont like this tile as much as the other .. a bit too surreal, the the stroke-pattern(of the hills and the seasea) doesnt really fit in the sky/melone/borders and other tiles around.

Also the sky looks in a way ugly, compared with the rest of this tile.
And well, im ot able to see a melone in this thing .. and i dunno what this "flying River" or what it is should be - and the same with those things on the foreground-hill.
This place, ICE, gives a chance for all artist to come and participate in tiling. The artists here are having different styles, different skills, different levels and different oppinions on what is looking good.

Working as one unit we finish a quilt. When I look at some of the tiles on the quilts I have participated in, I am not too fund of all of them. Not just the others but some of mine too. However! Looking at the quilt as a whole they too are participating at making the final result good.

Now.. this tile in particular.. It matches the theme. It's not a 2 minute smudge, but it is obvious to me that a lot of work has been put into it. It's surreal. I happen to like the fact that things aren't an excact copy of what you see in the real world. This melon gives a very interesting look on this. I think this tile is better than some other stuff presented and it sure blends in better than most.

If you read this Duracel, I would like to say that I have the highest regard of your art and I always enjoy looking at your tiles. However I do not think your judgement was fair. For critic to be constructive you have to add some positive sides too, or a friendly suggestion to how it could have been better in your eyes. (I know you can, I've seen your comments to some of my stuff)

well as I started out stating.. We are all different with different tastes. I am sorry for writing a whole novell, but I just think that ppl should keep this in mind. We are here for the fun and the practise.


Re: wha?
I agree. And I don't really agree with a tile being too sureal.
Tiles: Collaborative SURREAL artwork
The Warm, Magnificent Light (This quilt is SURREAL)

It's.. sort of the point? :P

Re: Re: wha?
i agree +5 from me :D i love this impresionist style.
Re: Re: wha?
Surreal is not surreal, right?

Which quilt is not surreal?
Just a few.
Look at those ...
What are they?


This SURREAL only means "nothing special" or "theoretical all is allowed to do". And .. well, a blue box in the middle of a quilt is surreal too .. or?

What i want to say is, a tile can be too surreal in a surreal-quilt as well!
Cause, this is a(and thats really important!) "collaborative artwork", and a surreal tile which is quite more surreal as the others around can be "too" surreal. Well, not too surreal for a surreal quilt, but too surreal in a special part in a special quilt.
Its just a question of difference.

And for my taste this tile is "a bit too surreal" in this situation. Ok?
Re: wha?
I agree
Re: wha?
"For critic to be constructive you have to add some positive sides too, or a friendly suggestion to how it could have been better in your eyes"

Well, after 5 or 6 high ratings and the two compliments before the positiv side was mentioned enough in my eyes. This critic is not a stand alone, you have to see the other "only positiv" critic around. So i just show the opposite.
Re: Re: wha?
Yeah, unless it's completely hostile or insulting or something, I really don't mind harsh or tough critiques -- from you or from anyone else, about my tile or about anyone else's.
First of all, I love all this debating :)

Heh, I understand everything you were trying to say. I know the texture doesn't really fit the left border, but it does fit the bottom border, and I was trying to get away from the left border's bluriness. I agree about the sky; when I was almost finished with the tile, I still couldn't think of some way to make the plain sky interesting, so I just used some quick airbrushing. It's definitely the worst part of the tile.

I don't know how I can make you see a melon, though; I guess all I can do is tell you to forget about the shape of the fish and just look at the Tile and Checkin versions. "Flying River"? 'Tis the melonwater of the watermelon, of course! I started the tile with a bunch of flat shapes, and came up with the idea of having the river (from the bottom-right corner) flow out of the watermelon. Last, "those things on the foreground-hill" are supposed to be stones on a stone bridge; I didn't exactly suceed in making it look like that.

Again, thanks for the votes and comments, everyone.
Re: Ahahaha
Well, its probably hard to let some lines look like a melone .. especially, if watermelones arent blue and black and they arent in a scene you would expect a watermeone(perhaps, between bananas, pineapples and citrones ... ;)

And well, the bridge is hard to recognize ... :(

Ah, and the sky ... forgotten. Sometimes such parts have to have their places ... doesnt care about the tiler, the tile or the quilt. ;) Shit happens.