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This tile is from Mainquilters 19: The Warm, Magnificent Light

Checked out at: January 10, 2003
Checked in at: January 11, 2003
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Very good picture
overal D,but a harsh blend on the right border. Its hard haveing 4 borders to blend but a good job overall!

BTW, sorry for the lack of detail on the bottom border, but it will blend very nice!

Good job.
Re: Very good picture
First of all I love your detail in this tile. The sky leaves nothing to be desired.

I voted a 4, and this is how I vote;

1st: is the picture that you created unique and artistically correct
(as in did you create it and do a good job getting your ideas across)

2ed: did you blend the borders so that your tile is not a stand alone picture but a cotinuation of the overall quilt.

3rd: does the tile look good compared to the surrunding tiles.
(the reason I say this is that you can make a great tile, and it blends good, but really not go along with the rest of the quilt)

The tile does not have to be a Van Gogh, as long as you made it look good.
I bleave that alot of tiles deserve a 5, but very few deserve a coin.

I like most of your tiles, and almsot all of yours have gotten a 5 from me.

P.S. Thanks for all your help!
So do you vote the borders or my tile has to fit in?
Good Christian
Re: .
The sky is wonderfull.
Re: Re: .
Well, the guy votet a 2 dont think so i think. ;)
Good Christian
Re: Re: Re: .
hehe, you shouldn't be "complaining", you got a coin on almost every tile you did..hehe I got 1 :p

Still the sky reminds me of my vacation in Denmark, wonderfull :D
Hehe ;) I was just wondering about this one 2-vote while im looking for interesting comments and new tiles around, thats all .. (well, i think its worth more than some of my other tiles which got more instead, but meanwhile i have understand that those different votes and score really arent comparable)

PS: Nice to hear my picture reminds you of vacation. ;) Well, dont know where you live, but in germany(im german - its on the south of denmark) such clouds are nothing new and reminds peoples live here of "no" vacation - vacation is sun and cloudless for germans most time. ;)
But, well, as i say, everday a sky without clouds is quite boring, right? ;)
clouds are really interesting and some days i just sitting there and look how the look like. :)
Good Christian
Re: PPS:
I live in Belgium, so we got pretty clouds as wel :)
Dunno why it did remind me of that vacation, it was a long time ago as well :D
Re: Re: PPS:
Oh - OK ;)

Ah, just theses days someone in another forum enthuse about snow and the whole winter - because she have never seen those things before - in her whole childhood she had to live in a southern-american-state where no real winter exist.

So this in mind, i thought to much .. ;)
Good Christian
Re: Re: Re: PPS:
Hehe I know what you mean :)
I bet the enthousism would die if she was here right now :). No snow and -10. Some winter hehe.
Re: Re: Re: Re: PPS:
Hey I live in Denmark! And I am happy to hear these beautiful clouds reminds you of my country Good Christian. :)

You really do well with landscapes Duracel :) Very nice. Btw.. Is there faces in those hills? animal/beast like or do I have too large an imagination?

Good Christian
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PPS:
yea with some imagination you could see a dog or even two dogs in it, you're right :), it's probably not intentional:)
I didnt see anything .. but in detailed structures you can see the whole world if you like. ;)
I just love this one... The blend from the right is a bit harsh but there was not really much to do about that and I think you solved it well...

Thx :)