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Comment: El Midget del quilt
Checked out at: December 14, 2002
Checked in at: December 14, 2002
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I finaly finished my auto portrait =P

its a slighty similar to me =]

Tried to make a link with virtue1's tile on this one =]

I actualy learned a few things with this tile ... Some face anatomy around the chin , that tools like smudge are damn useful once in a while and isnt only for newbs , and coloring over a black and white shader is much more easier for me =]

If you vote below 5 I wanna know why =) !
(I dont want 5's , I want crits ! ;P)

Crits and comments welcome of course ...
Hello Kierato..........
Criticism? I can't give you much. I gave you a (4) because even if you deserved it, a 5 would have swelled your head. You sure know your paintbrush tools but now you need to master a bit of humility! Any time that we begin to believe that our work is untouchable, we need always to have people like me, remind us that in the big picture, we're nothing. I could be wrong but wasn't this tile submitted on a "newbie" quilt? Hey, what's a "newbie"? Conjures up alot of amateur connotations with me, how 'bout you? Sure kid, your work is nice but we can't go around expecting fives on all of our tiles! Shit, I've been on this website for over a year and after collecting 460 points, still do not have ONE five tile to my credit! You keep creating the tiles, we'll keep grading them!
Be patient my friend, your work will pan out if you are worthy! Meanwhile, keep your eye on the prize, that perfect five............ Maybe next time around...
Re: Hello Kierato..........
Where is it Im making it look like my work is perfect ?

it actualy is the complete opposite Im thinking ... Im still young and Ive got alot to learn , HENCE I want critics , and thats why Im still on newbie quilts ... Where did you read I thought I was untouchable ? Im thinking the complete opposite :P

I want critics to get good enough to actualy move up to mainquilters and stuff like that and not be shy to post out my stuff , I wanted to point out that I want critics , it was a bad joke to saying "critic me !!"

I found your comment a bit harsh , as Im still INDEED a newbie ...

I was also pointing out the tools simply because I learnt how to use them better doing this work

oh and , please dont call me kid ? ;)
Don't MisRead me...........
When you are ready for fives, fives will come........
Keep walking towards higher ground.I'll accept your bad jokes
if you'll accept my criticism...... Fitting and constructive as it was...
Re: Don't MisRead me...........
I welcome critism Ed , but not on me , on my work =]

I think it was just a misunderstanding we got there , lets keep it to that shall we =]
Re: Don't MisRead me...........
Ouch...! It stings and it wasn't even aimed at me. Telling the truth, Ed, some of your tiles have gotten fives from me (enough of them to put you on my list of favourite tilers, even). But I think you get those lesser votes in some cases just because of this abrasive attitude on the boards, rather than the quality of your work (not saying that is right, but likely).

Re: Re: Don't MisRead me...........
Thanks Bob.......
Perhaps if anyone was looking hard enough to find an abrasive nature
in my comment to Kierrato, they might have deduced just that. I was perhaps
as bold in my observations as Kierrato was in saying"If you vote below 5 I wanna know why ". I had hoped that my comment would be seen as encouragement to press on, after all, I gave Kierrato a well deserved four.
No, I didn't intend my comment to be taken personally and most of all, not to
be construed as offensive, I hoped that it might serve to inspire him to strive for a higher ground as all serious and aspiring,responsive artists should.
I'm sorry that the comment was taken too closely to heart but if you check over the bulk of my comments you'll see many uplifting comments to many members here.
I often speak of the pallette of words that can be as effective as the paintbrush is in it's own right.
All that I can say at this point is that I'm sorry if I've diminished Kierrato's enthusiasm or dampened his spirit and if you can say that you're all wrong when you are all wrong, well, in a way it makes you alright...

Cheers for the coming season.
Re: Re: Re: Don't MisRead me...........
well no probs really , its just a misunderstanding as I stated below =)

no harm done =)

nice job on your tiles btw

have a good day =]
Re: The
I love how you positioned yourself. It created a nice balance on that side of the quilt. Good work!