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This tile is from Grayscale

Comment: I forgot how much I like the little details.
By: gecko
Checked out at: May 10, 2002
Checked in at: May 10, 2002
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Checked out at: '2002-05-10 02:03:34'
Checked in at: '2002-05-10 03:05:58'
that was a fast tile

ps:hahaha someone voted 3 lol 5+3 =4
damn this is mean
Re: fast
Yeah, they probably thought I missed the fence up top, but it ended a few pixels before it reached my tile... that fence part on the far left.
Mystety user
Re: Re: fence
I was trying to make it like there was a hole in the chain links
Re: Re: Re: fence
Yeah, I realize that now. At the time I really wasn't thinking about it, and didn't even notice there were chain links on that dark part because I was assuming it was a pole and the fence was attached to it on the other side.
not fast...
for gecky... it took her a whole hour ;o)

great job [as always] on a three sider 5
Voting a 3 isn't an insult, but I gave it a 5. Sometimes if people think a tile should be worth a 4, they will give it a really low vote to bring the average down to the score they want the tile to have. That's not cool, but that's how it goes.
Re: votes
ah yeah i think i did that one or two time
my noose start enlarging now.
well if u see where i did it ...
shame on me anyway ! ;)

BUT here the tile is awsome,
blending also.