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This tile is from Grayscale

Comment: An obvious bottle... and I screw it up making it a fire man... =(
Checked out at: April 30, 2002
Checked in at: April 30, 2002
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Blue Indigo
Help me to understand the score.. Its kind of
important to me to understand what I did wrong
and how I can prevent it for further tiles.
Or maybe I should just stop right here and now.

Not another one
Don't even tell me you are going to start complaining about a 3.6 score. People are too sensitive. I imagine that you didn't get a 5 because there are no recognizable objects (that I can see) in your tile.
Re: Not another one
I concur with root. Don't forget we are actually on a 10 point scale here, it just so happens that it spans from -5 to 5. If it were 0 to 10, this tile would be an 8.6 (that's almost a 9)

Not bad at all by those standards, is it?
Blue Indigo
Re: Re: Not another one
But isnt it so that a tile that got minus
is a tile that is just destroying the quilt?

Re: Re: Re: Not another one
We can make it lower if you want...
Blue Indigo
Re: Re: Re: Re: Not another one
Thats okey.. Sorry then. =)