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Comment: "rocks in danger?¿"
Checked out at: May 10, 2002
Checked in at: May 10, 2002
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Checked out at: '2002-05-10 00:34:31'
Checked in at: '2002-05-10 01:47:19'

this is a fast tile...
Re: fast
Doesn't look all that fast to me... that's over an hour.
Re: Re: fast
thanks... i guess :? :/ darn o don´t know wich face is apropiate for the comments he he he jajajaja :)
Re: Re: Re: fast?
Why the low scores, i am not complaining i just thougt that the bending was OK at least for a (4) tell me the my erros so that i can improve please :) :¿
Re: Re: Re: Re: fast?
It's really not a low score.
Mystety user
Re: Re: Re: Re: fast?
I think it's a great tile. it's blended well. as a picture it's nothing extraordinary.
what I really like is the blend. it blends so well you don't even notice the tile
I say that as a good thing because sometimes in a quilt it is good to make that sacrifice for the good of the whole
know what I mean, make sense?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: fast?
Okidoky, thanks to all for the feedback :) i am not mad or anything i am happy for all the posts actually, :)
that´s what i like of ICE that the feedback is great!
(and yep the image is not very extraordinary, o well i hope to improve, see ya)

ps. i belive my bending was good, i agree with greg the problem is that the image is not exactly amazing, but hey i can´t win all the times i guess.