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New Feature
Bogus? How about "Tiler I Am Most Envious Of"? But then you'd have to include Tonchy too...
Re: New Feature
Just go around and vote for all of Tonchy's tiles. Four will pop up if you vote enough on people... And (Bogus) is supposed to mean that you didn't pick it, it picked automatically. (I don't get that part, but apparently most peopl do, so... whatever. :))
Re: Re: New Feature
Eh, I was just joking around. Consider it a compliment ^^
i just wanted to tell you how incredibly talented i think that you are. :)
and you seem to be a nice gurl, from the reading over your postings...
stay both those things... :)
Re: ....
*sniff* Thank you so much! :) It's wonderful to know how much someone likes my tiles. I've been taking a small break from tiling this past week (to let those 10+ invisible tiles time to show up, among other things) A little scary knowing someone reads all my posts ... some of them are just stupid ^^ Oh well.

And I firmly believe that mean people suck. :)
I think that I have fallen in love with your style of art...

The edges are rounded and blended so nicely...

They take me to a place where the land is rubber... and the clouds bounce from here to there...

I dunno where I'm going with this, just that I love your work!

Keep it up...

nukai @ iakun.com (coming soon)
I was wondering if you would like to partner up with me for a private collaborative quilt, theme based much like the labryinth quilt (where there is a definite space which builds -- the railroad quilt is another good example). I'm looking to work with other female artists. I know you haven't been extremely active lately, but I'm hoping I could resurrect you to work on the project. There might be 2-3 girls working on it (including me and including you if you decide yes).. Please let me know as soon as you can. I'll try to be in #tiles to answer any questions. I hope to hear from you again. :>
Re: hey
How's this for soon? ;) I'd love to have the chance to work on a private quilt with a few good people! I haven't been active here for a while because free time for me has been hard to come by :\ But I'd definitely put in the effort on a new quilt. The current ones haven't inspired me much, to tell the truth. I'll be on IRC later on today, since I'm in school right now :) Thank you so much for asking me ^^

And thank you also to Nukai for your nice comments :) Why don't you do some tiles of your own? It'd be nice to see your work.
How do you draw such realistic 3d objects?

great work btw...
why o why...
...aren't you in iCE yet? you are at the top of my list of favorite tilers and artists here. i'd love to see some bigger [and more] pieces from you. ;O))
Re: why o why...
yupe, i have to agree with Tony u have one of the most impresive tiling gallery here =) i too would like to see some bigger res pics form you.
Re: Re: why o why...
...I'm working on it. Seriously, translating my knowledge of traditional materials like pencil and paint into a model that I could apply digitally has been difficult. I think it has something to do with my hands knowing what they want to do but my head not understanding them. I have to translate something that's almost instinctive for me now into something I can break down and apply with a mouse or tablet. Things like tiling and oekaki have been the exception for me because they're on such a small scale. It's taken a few years for it to click into place for me enough so that I can do large pieces of work. So yes, I'm working on it. :)
Re: Re: why o why...
me too me too!
=) nice to hear you are working on that feathre=)
oh feel very idetificated with your thinking process, and yup tiling it is very good for practice for bigger digi paintings =) be sure to show us your bigger res work once you fell happy whit the results i bet your work will rock
it rocks already =)
My thoughts on voting...
I really just want to say some of what I've been thinking about voting recently. A few people have been questioning the scores that their tiles received, mainly why it isn't a 5. Of course, a request for criticism and explanation of why someone voted a 4 or a 3 is very reasonable and my reasons for voting a non-5 are usually based on a tile's appeal to myself personally and not so much the skill involved in the making of it. It's just that I've always thought of a 5 as something special, and not necessarily the score that a tiler should get after becoming experienced in tiling or the score that differentiates a 'good' tile from a 'bad' tile. A 5 is a tile that's flashy and has mass appeal.. maybe it's very dramatic or sometimes extraordinarily subtle. Both stand out because there's usually an average amount of clutter in most tiles. It's kind of like marketing your artwork. Sometimes a tile is a 5 because only a limited number of people are allowed to vote on it, depending on the quilt. I'd consider some of the tiles I did for the women's quilt a while back to be in that category. It's probably a good idea to never really expect a 5.. especially when a score of 4.5 is very respectable in and of itself.

In the end, scoring most tiles a non-5 gives everyone a nice goal to reach for every time they create a tile and makes a true 5 that much more exciting :) Apologies if anyone's said this sort of thing already, it's just been on my mind.