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i guess i should write something....
its been a lil while since i first started posting tiles up to this site. already i see an improvement. its quite differant using a wacom, (that i only just recently recieved...*so happy*),
vs. regular oil or acrylic paints.
i guess that everything takes getting used to and much practice is needed to become better at anything. i hope to learn much and grow with this site, as i am sure, does everyone. hurmmm...welp thats it. *waves*

Thinking of you tonight, too...
I guess that I must seem like such a scatterbrain but I just wanted to tell you that I like your style... I just tuned in to that editorial page with all of the brouhaha, over Tiediedeyes, lil' miss shortcake and I was really impressed with your attitude. I remember once that you gave me some encouragement and rallied at my side while I was ducking potshots from the bluebloods. I wanted to thank you again for that and to tell you that I went to see SHEEPLE.com and view the work. I guess there's still alot of construction going on there and although I enjoyed what I was able to see, I'll stop back again from time to time just to see if they've added more pieces. So, go now and tile your little heart out as you continue your learning curve and harness the talent that flows from you. You're O.K. Beth, It's nice knowing you... Eddie M.
Well, my unshaven face is just flushed, over the honor that you have shown, in listing ME (in all of Tiledom), among those that you consider favorites! The sentiment brings this old bulldog to his knees but still, I am quite sincere in my thanks and in my appreciation.I feel fairly certain that I posted off this comment to you earlier today but I guess that I must've had a buzz... If it shows up somewhere else on the board, you know again that I really meant it. Thanks Beth and if I had a fan club, I would make you my manager, in a heartbeat!
Warm regards, Eddie M.