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This tile is from Warm Fuzzy Mainquilters [Themed]

Comment: Scepter, scepter, burning bright, in the desert of the night
Checked out at: November 23, 2001
Checked in at: November 23, 2001
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Well... the blending is ok... not very hard to blend, anyway...

But the pic... seems you took a pic and made it bigger... or draw something and make it bigger... the sphere and so is not very neat...
Re: Uh, no.
I didn't use any pics for this. I did draw the globe and casing at 1024X768 and then resampled down to the tile size. And then I skewed it a little bit too, maybe that's why it looks wierd? As for how hard it was to blend, it was harder than some of the others I've had to do because I wanted to get the same texture as the above tile, so it took some testing to get a result that looked similar. No clone tool was used.
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Re: Re: Uh, no.
well, I think you did an excellent job blending that top tile.. it looks like it would be hard to do, especially w/o the clone tool. I use that thing like crazy. personally, I think it rulz.
g/j, keep experimentatin' -g
Thanks Greg
I tried the clone tool but I'm not that practiced with it. I was constantly retouching where I had cloned an edge, and then everything turned out sort of smudgy. Aldous' tile has sort of a canvas feel to it so I finally ended up using a square brush with the wet option to mimic the vertical and horizontal grain.
Re: Re: Uh, no.
damn u did zat
at 1024*768?
Re: Re: Re: Uh, no.
Hahha, well, I didn't say I did I did a perfect job on it. I'll admit the shading is pretty sloppy. I tried the burn tool on it but it didn't give a very even shading. Oh well, it's a learning experience.