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This tile is from Mainquilters Strike Back!

Comment: We are the robots
Checked out at: September 15, 2001
Checked in at: September 15, 2001
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What's with the Cut & Paste, man? Don't let Gecko see! She'll go crazy! :)
Re: Uh-oh...
They are both my tiles.. I can cut and paste from my own tiles if I want to can't I?

Re: Re: Uh-oh...
Waah!! The tile above is definitely not yours! I think the horizontal lines going across which are definitely copied and pasted from the border is what he's talking about. That's what catches my eye, at least. The little bots and stuff are cool, though. :>
Cyber X
Cool Tile
This tile works nicely as a corner piece, really holds it together. Perhaps it could be a smoother fade out or have something to break up the likeness but its not that big of a deal. Good work on this one.

Cyber X
Its Ok
You do have better ones, but Gecko needs to chill out! I thought the idea here was to borrow from the bit that you are given. Relax chicky!

Mystety user
cut and paste
I like how he uses one texture to create a whole new one. it's a totally neat effect, and worth exploring. I've always liked this tile. all four in this corner are great.